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End of year thankfulness -2017-

End of year thankfulness -2017-

Wow. 2017, you rocked our world. And most of the time, not quite in the way we had hoped. There were so many moments that felt like the world was crumbling down around us, but in the end, love persisted. This year our hearts grew three sizes, they were broken and now God is mending us back together. With each broken piece, we're learning to lean into the Lord and trust Him with every part of our lives. After reflecting on a wild year, here are a few things we are so thankful for (along with some of our favorite photos from our session with Leslie D Photography).


-Marriage. Our marriage is the most incredible blessing that we've ever been given. Everything that has happened this year has brought us to a level of emotional intimacy that we never knew possible. Marriage can be so difficult. It means exposing your flaws and letting someone know the deepest, darkest hurts in your life. But it's in those moments when you're completely vulnerable, that incredible growth and change can happen. We have found that our best selves come out when we are honest and broken and kind to each other. Through marriage, we are becoming the people that God created us to be.


-Our precious angel babe. Though we may never hold you in our earthly arms, we are so thankful for the a short 10 weeks that you graced our life with your presence. Only God knows just how much this experience has changed us. Through the incredible heartbreak of miscarriage, we are one step closer to knowing the depth of God's love for his children. 


-The hard times. Over the last few years, there's been some hard times in our life. From losing jobs to financial struggles, the loss of an unborn baby and so much more, we've had some moments of feeling completely helpless. In those dark, quiet moments, we've had the opportunity to hear the still, small voice of God and be completely rocked by his reckless love. Somehow, through this brokenness, we feel more whole. The incredible growth we've experienced this year couldn't have happened without those moments where we cried out and begged God to step in to take control of our lives. 


-God's restoration. Sometimes, we have to be broken, in order to heal correctly. In our stubbornness, we refuse to see the right way to live life, until we go through an incredibly painful event that helps us realize the changes we need to make in order to live our best lives. The blessing in failure and heartbreak, is that [if we let him], God reveals himself to us continuously as we heal and He restores the broken pieces.


Life is so humbling, isn't it? It's taken our hardened, arrogant hearts and opened us to see the brokenness of the world. It's taken our judgemental spirits and shown us that each person has their own struggles and heartbreaks, truly. Each of us has insecurities and flaws. No one is without sin and we have all been called to love each other deeply. Throughout our story, God has worked series of little miracles in our life that never seemed possible. He's opened our hearts to new endeavors that we would have never considered before. He's revealed his great love to us and encouraged us to show that love to everyone we meet. He's poured into us and given us the courage to be brave and share our faith. 

-Gratitude. 2017 may have been a difficult year, but in the end we are thankful for those difficulties and are better because of them. In light of so much hurting in the world, we're compelled to be more thankful for all the blessings in life that we often take for granted.


Thanks so much for reading and Happy New Year, friends! We're praying that 2018 is a year of incredible growth for you. 

Does any of this resonate with you? We've felt an urging to share bits of our personal journey, so we'd love to hear from you if this is something that you enjoyed or want to hear more of.

Hugs, Betsy & John


Thank you to our sweet friend, Leslie for these beautiful photos of us! 

A weekend in New York City


A weekend in New York City

Ahhhh you guys! We had such a great trip to New York for Krista & Adam's engagement session! We are usually all about vast open landscapes, but this little glimpse of city life was pretty rad. Our trip was only 3 days so we didn't have a lot of time to explore, but we made the most of the time we had. John had never been to NYC, so we visited all the touristy spots possible and we walked so dang much. From the Central Park Conservatory Garden, Times Square at night, Top of the Rock and the Brooklyn Bridge, we saw so many good things, ate so many good meals and visited so many cool places. It was a weekend true to the quick paced New York lifestyle, but we are already making plans for our next trip! If these photos look a lot different than our normal style, it's because they #sorrynotsorry for all the touristy photos + the one photo of us together during the whole trip! 

-Betsy & John 

PS-All these photos are film, taken on either the pentax 645nii or the canon 1v with a mix of portra 400, portra 800 and ilford delta 3200.

Thanks for the good times NYC ✌🏼


Looking Back on Our Wedding Day


Looking Back on Our Wedding Day

We can't believe it's already been three years since we said "I do", surrounded by family and friends  at our backyard wedding in Tucson, Arizona.

Our wedding day was so special, you guys. We have a group of wonderful family and friends who surrounded us with love and made our backyard wedding something that we would never forget. It was spring time in Tucson, the wildflowers were in full bloom and like most things in our life, we envisioned a wedding day that was colorful and full of joy. It was such a blessing to get married in Betsy's parent's backyard. We did everything ourselves, with the help of our very patient friends and family. We had very little experience with weddings at this point, but by the grace of God, everything came together beautifully. Though trends have changed and our personal style has evolved, we wouldn't change a thing, even if we could.  

It was March 15, 2014 and we had only shot a handful of weddings at that point. We had just discovered the resurgence of film photography and absolutely fell in love with the look and feel of it. We found Constance Higley (who unfortunately doesn't offer wedding photography anymore) and knew she would be the perfect fit for our big day. Our wedding put a spark in our hearts for documenting love stories. Its been an incredible journey and we can only hope that our clients love and appreciate their wedding photos as much as we do our own. We hope you enjoy this tiny glimpse into the start of our life together. Thanks for sharing in our joy, friends. 

With love, 

Betsy & John 

 agave cactus in tucson arizona 
 Teal wedding invitations designed by Betsy and John
 handcrafted tree branch vases filled with florals
 Bright and colorful hanging paper tassels 
 Catalina Foothills mountain views 
 Adorable teal volkswagen beetle wedding car decorated with florals
 Paper airplanes backdrop for the cake table
 Tucson desert wedding florals

Notice a paper airplane theme? We met in 2009, when Betsy threw a paper airplane at John that had her number on it, then, in 2013 John proposed via paper airplane!! 

 Bright and colorful wedding florals 
 Paper airplane wedding
  Tucson backyard wedding
 Bright and colorful spring Tucson wedding
 Honeymoon fun jar
 Vines climbing up pink wall 
 Swing in courtyard with vines 
 Sparklers with matches attached
 Bride with colorful bridal bouquet 
 Betsy with her bridesmaids
 Bride with her sisters 
 Bright & Colorful bouquet by Alexis Grace Florals
 Bride with Bridesmaids in bright pink and salmon dresses
 Bride in Tucson wildflowers
 Ceremony for Backyard Wedding
 Groomsmen succulent boutonnieres
 Handsome groom in gray suit
 Groomsmen with groom
 Groom Buttoning Jacket
 Groomsmen laughing in gray suits
 Bright & Colorful Spring Tucson Wedding 
 The bright and colorful backyard wedding of photographers Betsy & John 
 Succulents in Pot 
 Orange Tree with oranges
  Hand Painted Ceremony Sign 
 Bright & colorful desert wedding arch with florals by Alexis Grace Florals 
 Groom's first look as his bride walks down the aisle 
 Parents walking bride down the aisle
 Desert wedding, bride and groom at the alter
 Bride & Groom at Alter exchanging rings
 Groom looking at Bride
 Bride & groom first kiss
 Bride & Groom walking down the aisle with confetti 
 Bright & Colorful Spring Tucson Wedding | Table Setting with florals and smore's favor in bag
 Spring Wedding Table Setting with lanterns and florals 
 Gold sequin tablecloth
 Spring, teal table setting with menu & s'mores favors in muslin bag 
 Spring table settings with colorful florals and teal lanterns 
 Sweetheart table with gold sequin tablecloth and colorful florals

This is one of our favorite parts! How gorgeous is this dessert table by our sweet sister in law Camille from BeWhatWeLove?! 

 Gorgeous Dessert Table by Camille Hawley from BeWhatWeLove
 Backyard wedding dessert table with pink macarons
 Gorgeous gluten free wedding cake
  Dessert table with gorgeous Wedding Cake
 Vintage car decorated with florals by Alexis Grace Florals
 Bride & Groom with getaway car 
 Bride & Groom with teal blue volkswagen beetle getaway car
 Volkswagen beetle
 Bride and groom smiling looking at each other
 Teal volkswagen beetle 
 Bridal Party walking and smiling
 Bride & groom smiling at each other and cuddling
 Tucson bride & groom portraits in Tucson wildflowers
 Bride & Groom kissing
 Bride & Groom kissing in wildflowers
 Bride & Groom smiling at camera
 Tucson backyard wedding
 First dance with cafe lights and confetti

Thanks for sharing in our joy, sweet friends! We hope you liked this glimpse into our wedding day XOXO

Photography:  Constance Higley 

Videography: Timeline Video Productions

Design/Styling/Paper Goods: Betsy & John

Florals: Alexis Grace Florals

Dessert Table Design: Camille from BeWhatWeLove

Day of Coordination: Jeanne from A Fine Line

Catering: Annette Hartman Catering


Love above all else-A story about my personal journey.

Love above all else-A story about my personal journey.

Today, I turn thirty one. THIRTY ONE. That sounds like a pretty big number. I thought I’d have everything figured out by now, but thirty one came quicker than I thought. I thought we would have a home of our own, I thought we would have traveled the world together, I thought I would have babies to mother…but I don’t yet and that’s okay. I have something better-a glimpse of myself the way that God sees me. I’ve gone my whole life thinking I was never good enough, that I was never pretty enough, that I was never smart enough. I filled my mind with the lies that the world was telling me and I believed every single one of them. Do you ever feel that way? I think more people struggle with this than we might think. I still face battles, I’m still a work in progress, I'm still a sinner, but I’m growing and changing day by day and I’m so thankful for that. I used to be brash and judgmental and angry, but over the last two years God has been working on my heart and showing me how he sees me. He’s breaking down my hardness, showing me how to love myself, encouraging me how to use my talents to love on others and that’s the best gift I’ve ever received. 

 Betsy and John | Love above all else | Arizona, California & Destination wedding Photographers

Last year on my birthday, I told myself that 30 would be the best year of my life…then we dealt with months of trials an tribulations and disappointments and struggles. Some of the hardest situations that I’ve dealt with in my life have come in the last year. It wasn’t anything that was going to kill me and certainly other people have dealt with much worse, but my faith was tested, my courage was strengthened and our marriage was changed. Through these struggles came the greatest revelations I’ve ever had in my life. Through questioning my faith, God has shown me unadulterated love. Through these tests of courage, I’ve learned to love and view myself the way that Christ views me. Through these trials, God has shown me how to love my husband more deeply and show grace to everyone I meet. He’s shown me that love, above all things is the most valuable gift that I can ever give anyone. I was not called to judge or condemn or belittle, but to forgive and love unconditionally. Be encouraged, because through hardships, we are made better.

 Betsy and John | Love above all else | Arizona, California & Destination wedding Photographers
 Betsy and John | Love above all else | Arizona, California & Destination wedding Photographers

I’ve dealt with a crippling fear and self doubt my entire life and God has used our business to show me, not only the beauty in the world around me and every person I meet, but he’s shown me the beauty that’s tucked inside of me. The last year he's taught me to accept grace and he's taught me give it away too. He’s shown me that I am talented and smart and that I am beautiful in his eyes. So here is what I am here to tell you today...don’t believe the lies that the world tells you. You are talented and smart and beautiful too. Don't be too stubborn to change for the better. Accept grace and give it away too. Though we all have different paths in life one thing will always remain true…God loves you more than you will ever know and he has a plan for your life.

Thank you for the part that you have played in my life, thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your love and thank you for believing in me friends. 

XO, Betsy

  Betsy and John | Love above all else | Arizona, California & Destination wedding Photographers

Snap Lovely is now Betsy and John


Snap Lovely is now Betsy and John

Hey guys, we are so excited to finally announce some news that we have been holding in for MONTHS. Snap Lovely photography is now Betsy and John! We have been quietly working on our new brand and can't tell you how excited we are to share this new journey with you! 

2015 was a huge for us. What started out as confusion and defeat, ended with inspiration and encouragement. We went through so many personal changes and our business grew more than we ever anticipated. What started out as a hobby for us, turned into something so much more. Photography is intertwined with the very core of who we are. We started to find our voice and develop a style that we really felt was our own. Though we still loved the name, Snap Lovely just didn't fit who we were anymore. After two years of working together and learning from each other, the very core of our business is us, Betsy and John. After a business mentoring session with our friends Amy & Jordan, we decided that it was time for a change. Over the last few months, we've been reworking a lot of things, creating a new website and finalizing lots of little details to make this all possible. We are so excited to turn over a new leaf in our business and we hope that you will join us on this journey! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and love!
 Betsy and John | Phoenix Wedding Photographers | Tucson Wedding Photographers | Bay Area Wedding Photographers