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Megan & Matt's Sedona Engagement Session

Megan & Matt's Sedona Engagement Session

We had so much fun exploring the red rocks with this awesome power couple and their sweet little Lucy, at their Sedona engagement session! 

Megan and Matt are two of the most laid back people we have ever met. They are kind and whitty and seriously in love. We spent almost an entire day with them in Sedona and it just felt like we were old friends. We are so excited to be sharing their engagement photos, because these two are getting married TODAY!! We are just headed out the door to shoot their big day, but we wanted to take a moment and reminisce about this wonderful time in their lives, as it comes to a close and they walk into a new phase of life as husband and wife. We are SO excited for you Megan and Matt! It's an honor to be a part of your story! 


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