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New York City Engagement Session

Krista & Adam's NYC engagement session

Krista & Adam's NYC engagement session

We feel so blessed and honored that Krista & Adam flew us out to New York City for their engagement session! Not only was it an amazing trip, but we seriously adore these two.  We had so much fun getting to know them and visiting some of their favorite spots around New York. On our first day there, we visited the cutest little breakfast spot and heard all about how they met (and how Adam had to work for a few years to finally win Krista's heart). Since they brought us all the way our to New York City, we did a two part engagement session and we are so glad we did. In the morning, we visited the gorgeous Central Park Conservatory Gardens. They started with a classic, elegant look and the garden was overflowing with gorgeous greenery, flowers and cherry trees! In the evening, we walked down some of their favorite streets in Brooklyn heights and finished out their session with an incredible sunset and gorgeous views of the New York City Skyline at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade! Everything was so beautiful and it was such a great experience. After spending just a short amount of time with Adam & Krista, we are positive that marriage is going to be so good to them. The way Adam looks at Krista is so sweet and gentle and the way she smiles when he's around could light up a room. So cheesy, but we love it. We can't wait for Adam & Krista's Hacienda del Sol wedding next spring with our friend Jane from Jane Castle Events

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Thanks for an amazing weekend Krista & Adam! 

Betsy & John